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Thank leaders at all levels for visiting Zugo Comprehensive Testing Building
Date of publication:2018-02-08EIDT:browse:1013

In the morning of February 8, Long Guangyan, Standing Committee of the Zhuhai Municipal Committee of the CPC Guangdong Province, Minister of Propaganda, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Zhuhai High-tech Zone, Director of the Management Committee, Su Hu, and Director of the Development and Reform of the Zhuhai High-tech Zone, Li Fengping, Director of the Finance Bureau, led the heads of relevant departments to visit the construction of the Zugo Comprehensive Test Building, and expressed appreciation and good wishes to the builders.

On behalf of all members of the Zugo Comprehensive Testing Building Construction Project, general manager Mr. Zhong expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels for their visits and condolences. We will speed up the progress, complete the construction task with good quality on time. We will build a public testing service platform for smart grid transmission and distribution equipment as soon as possible to solve the problems of long testing period, high cost and difficulty in samples sending in smart grid transmission and distribution equipment in South China. This platform will help to speedy the research and development and innovation ability of power product manufacturers in South China, and promote the development of relevant industry and improve their competitiveness.

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