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Zugo Testing Passed CNAS Expansion Site Evaluation Successfully
Date of publication:2019-01-08EIDT:browse:931

From July 5 to 6, 2018, Zugo Testing was re-examined by the expert group of CNAS China Conformity Assessment Committee for two days and the laboratory capacity expansion evaluation. The expert group conducted a detailed and comprehensive on-site review of the company's system operation, personnel technical capabilities, facilities and environment, and field tests. They all agreed that the company's assessment indicators are excellent and meet the evaluation requirements.

Since it was first approved by CNAS in 2016, the company has continuously strengthened its construction efforts and made full preparations for expansion. Before this expansion evaluation, the company has the detection capabilities of 1kV-500kV power cables, medium and high voltage cables and accessories systems. After this evaluation, the company's comprehensive detection capabilities have been improved by leaps and bounds, and the detection field is more comprehensive. This expansion evaluation expands the detection capability of switchgear, transformer, insulating appliances, insulating bushing and other products. After expansion, 629 parameters are involved, covering more than 120 testing standards.

The successful passage of CNAS expansion evaluation shows that our detection capability and field have reached a new level, which has laid a solid foundation for expanding business, expanding credibility and better adapting to market development.

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