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Fuzhi Director of Science, Technology and Economic Development Bureau of Zhuhai High-tech Zone Came here to supervise our work.
Date of publication:2017-10-18EIDT:browse:1138

In the afternoon of October 18, 2017, Fuzhi Director of Science, Technology and Economic Development Bureau of Zhuhai High-tech Zone came to visit our company. General manager of our company, Zhong Haijie, and manager of business center, Shen Chaoping were accompanied to visit.

Mr. Zhong first accompanied Director Fu and his delegations to visit the construction of Zugo Comprehensive Testing Building. Director Fu was very satisfied with the construction progress of the building. Then they visited 330 kV outdoor pre-qualification test site, 500 kV high-voltage test hall and 1000 kV high-voltage test hall. Mr. Zhong introduced the 330 kV outdoor pre-qualification test project cooperated with the Russian Federation Energy Bureau at the end of 2016. The whole experiment lasted 365 days and finished withstanding voltage at 323 kV, during which at least 180 days of thermal cycle test were conducted. Zugo testing implemented the national proposal "Belt and Road" initiatively. Zugo persists in bringing in and going out, following the principle of discuss together, co-construction and sharing, and strengthening the opening and cooperation of innovative capabilities.Zugo became the pioneer in opening the cable testing market in Russia.  In the end, Mr. Zhong gave a detailed report to the Director Fu on the company's business development, market prospects and the overall strategic development plan since its establishment.

General manager Mr. Zhong, on behalf of all the staff of Zhugao Electrical Testing Co., Ltd., expressed appreciation to the Director Fu and his team for visiting our company in their tight schedule We believe that with the support and affirmation of all government departments, Zugo Electrical Testing will develop faster, more stable and better.

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