Test Case
Completion test for 115kV cable system of Hun Sen Park in Cambodia
Date of publication:2019-05-09EIDT:browse:1279

Zugo has finished the completion test for 115kV cable system of Hun Sen Park in Cambodia in June 2018. This is another project, which witnessed Zugo has responded positively to the national proposal "Belt and Road" , after the outdoor pre-qualification test for 330kV cable system co- operated with the Russian Federation Energy Bureau in 2017.

The purpose of this test is to ensure the safe operation of 115 kV Hunsen Park Substation and 115 kV underground double-circuit cable. After the completion of this project, 230 kV line of Cambodia East Line and 230 kV line of North Line will be connected with 115 kV line of South Line, which will become an important part of Cambodia's national power grid and became national power of Combodia EDC's key development projects in 2010-2020.

Zugo Electrical Testing Co., Ltd implements the national proposal to build " Belt and Road" to achieve strategic docking and complementary advantages.  Zugo persists in bringing in and going out, following the Principle of discuss together, co-construction and sharing, and strengthening the opening and cooperation of innovative capabilities. Zugo formed an open pattern for the interaction between main land and oversea, East and West. It not only lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development in Cambodian market in the future, but also accumulates experience for the implementation of high voltage underground cable construction projects abroad in the future.

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