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Zugo Electrical Testing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as zugo) is an independent third-party testing institution, with the ability of UHV transmission and transformation testing, R&D and registered capital of 50 million yuan. The building area is more than 36,000 square meters, including a comprehensive testing building, an UHV test hall, a comprehensive laboratory, a non-electrical performance laboratory, an outdoor pre-qualification test ground for power cable system

Testing for high and low voltage switchgear
Testing for power transformer
Testing for 500 kV and below wire, cable and cable accessories
Device testing for safety apparatus
Hand-over and preventive tests for electrical equipment
Live detection and fault detection for power cables of 500kV and below
Lightning Protection Device Detection
Inspection of Fire Protection Facilities in Buildings
创新研发基地 Innovation And Research Base

Zugo and Jiegong(Zhuhai) Institute of Innovative Engineering co-built transformation base for scientific and technological achievements and big data center. On one hand, the Scientific and technological findings transformation base conduct subsequent tests, development, applications and promotion of the practical results from the scientific research and technological development of all industries and fields, until forming new products, new technologies, new materials and developing new industries. On the other hand, big data center acts as the manager and guardian in the entire life-cycle of quality.

Testing Business
Training base
Innovation R&D Base
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